Money is not the only opportunity to help, we want to make sure that we make an impact.

We want to hear from you:

  • If you have an industry where you believe more awareness is needed we can arrange to speak at events or engage with your supply chain

  • If you have skills and time that could be used to assist victims of exploitation we are eager to build our capability so we can optimise the support we offer

  • If you have access to networks that can help us spread the word through sharing information, displaying posters or speaking at events

  • If you have concerns about individuals or groups that may be vulnerable we encourage you to contact us



MERF is a registered charitable trust. Our effectiveness and capacity to offer tangible support to vulnerable workers trying to survive in New Zealand is dependent on your generosity.

We are more than happy to discuss with you how your donations will be used and welcome the opportunity to engage with you for initiatives for specific projects we are undertaking.

Your support will help us:
  • Provide immediate and urgent financial relief for workers who do not qualify, due to their circumstances, for any other assistance in New Zealand

  • Engage professional services and representation as needed to support the victims of exploitation

  • Deliver programmes of education to build awareness

  • Respond to and investigate concerns in support of victims who are not able or are too frightened to pursue formal complaints

  • Maintain 24/7 contact support for victims

  • Lobby for improvements within industry, regulations and legislation




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